Must see: shocking evidence that all the largest trees on earth (some even many kilometers high) hav

Spend just over an hour of your time waking up to the fact that at some time in the past, there existed massively high trees on earth which were many kilometres high, all of which have now been systematically cut down. Just like in a scene from 'Avatar' they have denied us the joy of seeing such wondrous sights... I should clarify that on a personal note, I did not believe that many of these huge trees were wiped out during some kind of ecological disaster or nuclear war or that every mountain (including Everest) on earth used to be a tree. What I did get out of it though was the simple realisation that over a few thousand years some trees could have grown to great heights and that was the truth I took out of it. As well as the fact that our governments over time decided for their own purposes to cut them down.

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