Wake up to the Mars Rover(s) Hoax:-

The official NASA press conference for the 'Curiosity' rover's supposed landing on Mars is 56 minutes long. If you watch it in full from NASA's site you will see that they waste over 35 mins of it in high-fiving each other and general self-congratulation of what they term in multiple ways 'an incredible and amazing achievement. All they've got in the way of proof is two awful thumbnail images which show nothing or prove nothing whatsoever. Even worse, when asked a few mildly technical questions, these team leaders fail to answer any of them. They didn't know the file type or compression used to send the images back from Mars. The co-ordinates of the craft on Mars were given to an accuracy of five decimal places, but these bozos couldn't either confirm or verify that and Cook ends up stating 'we should have a better idea tomorrow within a few hundred metres or so.' Stelzner too is a total embarrassment and describes the landing as 'clean and to the lower side of our nominal expectations.' He struggles to answer any questions at all and constantly states that someone else in the room, not present, 'should have that(the answer) on the tip of their noggin.' None of them clearly know what they are talking about and cannot even answer the basic of scientific questions, as they are all complete frauds.

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