A message of truth:-

The freemasonic/Zionist minority elite are the true enemy of the people. Divide and conquer has always been throughout history their desired method of choice which is always instigated by their totally controlled propaganda machine which is the MSM that spreads lies and fake news whenever it can in order to manipulate the public. In elections/wars or anything else they always back both sides as that way they always win. Clinton and Trump are both controlled puppets and anyone who doesn't think so should ask themselves the question: do you really think either of these multimillionaires/billionaires gives one shit about you?

The answer is simple, they don't as all they desire is to enslave the people and take as much as they can get away with of our land, wealth and money for themselves and their progeny. If we don't stand up against them soon then we stand to lose what little rights and freedoms that we still have left.

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